Arianah Rizzo ’24

Arianah Rizzo is a freshman at UCLA, pursuing a major in Political Science. She graduated from John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School in June 2020, where she served as Associated Student Body President her senior year. She was also a Project Manager of Girls Build LA Team, where she worked to end stigma around mental health in her community, and engaged in volunteer activities through the school’s National Honor Society and Hispanic Honor Society. Arianah also spent a recent summer participating in Coro, a civic engagement program. Some of Arianah’s work included organizing a logic study about homelessness in Los Angeles and an internship at LAUSD with the Assistant Superintendent of Partnerships.

Arianah plans to contribute her deeply rooted passion for community service and active advocacy to the UCLA community. One of the most defining reasons Arianah decided to continue her studies at UCLA was to stay close to her resilient community. UCLA is her home of Los Angeles- the place she grew up, the people she learned from, and the community she hopes to uplift. UCLA will not only give her tremendous support but will also allow her to stay involved and give back to her community. She aspires to contribute just as much to the Bruin environment, spirit, and character that this university represents. During her time at UCLA, she plans to be involved in undergraduate research, the Undergraduate Students Association Council, and explore an internship opportunity with the University of California Washington Center.

Arianah is honored and grateful to be an Ehrlich Scholar. She is thrilled to join the support system of incredible women and network that the Ehrlich scholarship awards its recipients. This scholarship is paving the way for transformative leaders and she knows that the support of the Ehrlich Scholarship will be fundamental in achieving her goals. Arianah hopes to be a powerful addition to the Ehrlich scholarship and contribute to the legacy of what this scholarship represents.