Ashley Luu, ’12

Ashley Luu graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in English and a minor in Education Studies. Throughout her undergraduate career, she was a member of the Alumni Scholars Club and worked as a copy editor for the Daily Bruin, where she became the assistant copy chief in her senior year. In summer 2010, Ashley participated in the English Department’s Shakespeare Travel Study program, living and studying in Stratford-upon-Avon and London with fellow UCLA classmates and two professors.

She received the Norma J. Ehrlich Alumni Scholarship in 2008, which continues to play an important role in her life beyond college. Not only did the scholarship allow her to reduce her hours for her three part-time jobs in school, it also provided her a network of strong female peers, mentors and lifelong friendships that continues to be a source of inspiration for her in school, work and life.

Ashley currently works in UCLA’s External Affairs department as a front-end web developer, where she uses her skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build web applications that support the work of her colleagues. With a passion for learning, she continues to seek out new opportunities to grow and has been awarded multiple staff scholarships to further her web development studies. One of her long-term goals is providing mentorship opportunities for other women seeking careers in tech.