Candiss Hart, ’17

Candiss Hart graduated from UCLA in 2017 with a B.A. on the Pre-Law track, major in African American Studies and double minor in Theater & Education Studies. She lived in Brazil the entire summer of 2016 and studied Theater of the Oppressed at Center Theater of The Oppressed (CTO[Centro De Teatro Do Opromido]). Candiss learned to emerge her theater techniques to create social awareness through art in oppressed communities on the street with groups of artists from CTO. They would agree on a topic, create a scene and perform it in different neighborhoods, offering interactive opportunities as well.

While at UCLA, Candiss evolved as a student leader providing contribution to the campus climate that effected minority communities. She was Vice President of the Black Pre-Law Association (BPLA), a student ran organization that catered to the Black and Brown communities who were interested in pursuing law but without adequate resources to navigate the matriculation process. She worked closely with the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) at UCLA School of Law to provide these resources and knowledge. Candiss aided this collaboration to bring awareness on necessary steps to be made towards law school. She was also Co-Chair of the Afrikan Women’s Collective (AWC), a student ran organization where she catered to the social needs of Black women on campus. Due to the extremely minute population of Black women at UCLA, isolation in the academic space creates ill effects on grades for these ladies. Candiss’ purpose with AWC was to prevent this isolation by creating social events to bring the group together in solidarity.

Candiss is now a law fellow at UC Irvine School of Law Pre-Law Outreach Program (POP). She is studying for the LSAT and preparing to apply to law schools this fall. She was on the Dean’s Honors Lists at UCLA and is dedicated to continuing her academic success at the next level.

To Candiss, being an Ehrlich Scholar means more than just monetary assistance. It means fostering everlasting relationships, growing as a professional scholar and having a loving network behind her. She plans to continue to be a present mentor for the future scholars to join the cohort. She is extremely thankful to Craig for his support and always teaching her new ways to be successful in life.