Chloe Morris, ’24

Chloe Morris is a pre-Political Science major who plans to also double major or minor in Public Affairs or Global Studies. She is extremely passionate about social issues and hopes to make a direct impact on campus involving topics she cares about.

Chloe aims to join clubs like the United Nations Association at UCLA to help organize advocacy events that share the UN’s message to other students on campus. Chloe also intends on volunteering with BruinsVote, an organization that encourages UCLA students to vote and make voting services more available to them. As political activism is important to her, she would love to help BruinsVote register voters, organize events, and promote their goals.

At UCLA, Chloe hopes to intern at organizations like Pathfinder International, a non-profit organization that offers projects to improve sexual health and education for women in underdeveloped countries. Although Chloe looks forward to being a dedicated student in her classes, she is most excited to apply her skills to real-world situations by interning or studying abroad. She aspires to ultimately become a lobbyist and write policy for organizations that progress social issues that are important to her.

Chloe is extraordinarily humbled to be given a scholarship intended for women who are dedicated to giving back to their communities. She is honored to be part of a community of such extraordinary women and strives to uphold this standard.