Cira Davis, ’23

Cira Davis is a sophomore at UCLA majoring in Communications. She is an accomplished writer already and her science fiction short story “The Impermanent Scar” was nominated as an Honorable Mention in the May 2017 Pasadena LitFest Tomorrow Prize competition, and was later published in the literary journal Exposition Review (Orbit Issue) in April 2018. In Fall 2019, her short creative nonfiction piece “An Unexpected Pulse” was published in the “WriteGirl: This Moment” anthology. Cira’s academic plan is to complete a bachelor’s degree in Communications at UCLA and later earn a teaching credential. Eventually, she hopes to pursue a career in education. She aspires to become a high school teacher and teach subjects including English, Creative Writing, Journalism, and Art.

Cira has been dreaming of attending UCLA since she was old enough to know what college was! She is thrilled and honored to be part of the esteemed Norma J. Ehrlich Alumni Scholars. She looks forward to pursuing her goals and exploring the many opportunities UCLA has to offer.