Elisa Shuncheng

Elisa is a freshman at UCLA studying Political Science. Elisa grew up in Mexico City, Beijing, and California. She is the founder of “Learn English with Elisa,” a free-English learning program. The goal of this program is to educate anyone from any country with English literature and prepare them to travel to the United States or other countries. SHe posts 5 – 10-minute recordings of literature in Chinese and English every Tuesday and Thursday. There are currently 500 active members in the group chat.

Elisa’s academic plan is to graduate from UCLA with a political science degree and go to business school. She eventually hopes to pursue a career that relates to finance.

At UCLA, Elisa joined the Bruin Investment and Trading Group and Bruin Real Estate Association. She is also involved in the Alumni Relations committee within the Alumni Scholars Club. Receiving the Norma J. Ehrlich scholarship greatly influenced her decision in coming to UCLA as it provided distinct opportunities and lowered her financial burden.
In her free time, Elisa enjoys exploring around LA and going to the gym.