Izellah Sanchez, ’24

Izellah, a senior at UCLA, is pursuing a double major in Sociology and Geography. She has previously worked on projects with nonprofit organizations involving heavy metal contamination in soils, and is looking for ways to contribute to advancing methodologies surrounding and facilitating citizen science, as well as community engagement within the fields of urban planning and environmental science. Over the past year, she has worked as a full-time intern for NASA where she engages in research and communications of its Equity and Environmental Justice (EEJ) program. She is hoping to continue to work towards environmental justice and climate resilience both within and outside of NASA.

In the meantime, she continues to work as a RISE Center Student Coordinator on campus, where she promotes and creates holistic wellness and self-care resources for students at UCLA. Additionally, she continues to be involved with the Bruin Belles Service Association.

She is very grateful for the Norma J. Ehrlich Scholarship because of the financial support she gains from it, as well as the community of women that she will now and forever be a part of way beyond her years at UCLA.