Izellah Sanchez, ’24

Izellah, a freshman at UCLA, is pursuing a major in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. Throughout high school, she has been involved with several organizations that have not only helped her further engage herself within her community but has also helped cultivate her immense passion for public service, specifically in under-served areas and communities. Some of the most significant organizations that she has worked with include TreePeople, where she served as a volunteer supervisor, and the Youth Civic Leadership Program (YCLP), a program highly focused on civic engagement amongst the youth in the Los Angeles area. At UCLA, she looks to further her community involvement and hopes to participate and even start her own projects that delve into the environmental, political, and medical issues impacting minority and low-income communities. She hopes to eventually work for a non-profit organization in which she can continuously support students and youth that face any obstacles in their academic journeys.

She is very grateful for the Norma J. Ehrlich Scholarship because of the financial support she gains from it, as well as the community of women that she will now and forever be a part of way beyond her years at UCLA.