Janeane Kim B.S. ‘22

Janeane Kim is a 2nd year Undeclared-Life Sciences major at UCLA. Her indecision comes from her hope to find a major and/or minor that caters to her broad interests in medicine, art, and writing. Tentatively on the pre-medical track, she is nearing the end of her time as a Care Extender at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center and works as a Patient Concierge under the Marketing and Outreach Department of the Arthur Ashe Student Health Center. She has recently joined a lab researching gene epitopes and their effects on specific cancer therapies for patients with non-small cell lung carcinomas (NSCLC- for short!). On weekends, she volunteers as an aquarist for the California Science Center, where she gets to interact with visitors and tend to the marine animals in permanent residence there.

In her free time, she focuses on her hobbies such as digital and traditional art, and knitting. She considers the Ehrlich Scholarship a great honor and is doubly grateful for the sense of community that comes packaged with it. She always looks forward to interacting with Craig and other Ehrlich scholars from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. The combination of financial provision and camaraderie with distinguished, intelligent women never fail to motivate her into further developing herself in all facets of life.