Jenifer Ramos, ’21

Jenifer Ramos earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs with a minor in Education in 2021. Public Affairs was introduced as a major in 2018 and she was part of the first class graduating with a Public Affairs Major from UCLA. Jenifer enjoys working for the UCLA Commercial Sexual Exploitation Research Lab and helping conduct research surrounding reproductive health for sexually exploited youth and analyzing how much sexual health information they are able to retain after different time points. Jenifer has always put her community first and finds new ways to get involved and foster innovation within communities surrounding her. For the past five years, Jenifer has volunteered for the Los Angeles Teen Mentor Non-Profit Organization as a teen mentor for middle school students with a focus in helping at risk-youth by strengthening their motivation to attend higher education and leading them through team building and leadership exercises.

One of her favorite memories at UCLA includes studying Political Science abroad in Europe because she has always had a love for politics and government. In her spare time, Jenifer loves making her own jewelry, painting, and reading.

Jenifer has been a recipient of the San Fernando Bar Association Scholarship, the Lew and Edie Wasserman Grant, the Ola Zuckerman Scholarship, the Alumni Regental Scholarships, and the Norma J. Ehrlich Scholarship. The Norma J. Ehrlich Scholarship provides the gift of sisterhood and mentorship, which is something that Jenifer always emphasizes. She is beyond thankful, not only for the financial aid the Ehrlich scholarship provides, but also the strong bond that it creates by empowering woman who fight to make a difference in their world every day, and who never give up without having their voices heard.