Nancy Okeke ’26

Nancy Okeke, a second-year Cognitive Science major at UCLA from Carson, California, is deeply passionate about the fusion of psychology and technology. Alongside this, she finds great joy learning about the realms of business, finance, and sustainability.

Beyond her studies, Nancy will assume the role of the 2023-24 Secretary for UCLA’s NSBE Chapter, dedicating herself to informing members about research opportunities, scholarships, and upcoming events. Simultaneously, she serves as a Notion Campus Leader, guiding fellow students in the application’s usage through various workshops. Outside of UCLA, she is a VISA Black Scholar, where she along with her cohort of dozens of students across the U.S learn more about roles in technology and finance at VISA. Although she couldn’t attend the summit last year in San Fransisco due to finals, she hopes to go forward with the internship process and land a summer role in Artificial Intelligence! Nancy also looks forward to joining UCLA’s DevX or Creative Labs team this fall as an intern, learning as much as she can about Front End Development. After she obtains her degree, she hopes to jump into a career centered in biotechnology—with an emphasis on psychology. However, she tends to go with the flow and isn’t too picky about what the future has in store for her.

Nancy takes pride in her association with the Ehrlich Scholarship family, aspiring to inspire fellow STEM enthusiasts by showcasing the ample space for their talents. She looks forward to connecting with like-minded women throughout her UCLA journey!