Sarah Lee, ’20

Sarah graduated from UCLA in 2020 with a B.S. in psychobiology. She is currently a third-year medical student at UCSF School of Medicine, where she has been exploring her diverse interests within the field of medicine. To name a few of her involvements, Sarah serves as a student interviewer on the Admissions Interview Committee, worked with faculty to implement trauma-informed educational model to a branch of the medical school curriculum, and collaborated with her colleagues to improve social determinants of health screening for an underserved patient population at a safety-net hospital within San Francisco. Sarah hopes to become a clinician-educator who will advocate for patients from under-resourced communities in an urban setting while supporting groups of aspiring physicians in training.

During her time at UCLA, Sarah channeled her passion for leadership, medicine, and writing through various opportunities. She served as the Leadership Development Director and Vice President for the Alumni Scholars Club, where she organized leadership trainings and UCLA’s biggest student-nominated faculty award. She also worked as a clinical research associate and later a coordinator on the Emergency Medicine Research Associates (EMRA) program at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in an effort to advance diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to patient care in the emergency department. Lastly, she maintained her love for writing by serving as an Editor-in-Chief and a Co-President for Morning Sign Out, a student organization that publishes health-related articles online in hopes of improving health literacy of the general public.

Receiving the Norma J. Ehrlich Scholarship has gifted her with not only financial support but also an amazing mentor and a strong network of phenomenal women who always seek to help and inspire each other. She hopes to be a resource to incoming Ehrlich scholars who may be interested in medicine and encourages every scholar to embrace the myriad of opportunities and mentorship that this group has to offer.