Taneen Jafarkhani ’08, JD ’11 (Boalt)

Taneen is currently the Chief of Staff at Philosophie — a venture studio based in LA and NYC. She also has a private employment law practice (jafarkhanilaw.com) where she provides people/legal strategy and counsel to employees and employers alike. Prior to Philosophie, she led People Operations at a VR/AR studio. She has also served as General Counsel and Head of HR for a national education advocacy start-up, where she built the HR function and authored/lobbied for language now codified in federal education law. She has had speaking engagements at UCLA (most recently UCLA Startup), Stanford, and at Design/HR panels in Los Angeles. She has been proud to partner with UCLA’s Diversity Program to produce diversity-centered art shows (you can learn a bit more at saladhead.la).

While at UCLA, she was a campus tour guide, Dance Marathon leader, and Chief of Staff to the USAC President. She went straight to Berkeley Law where she did a great deal of clinical work and served as President of the Middle Eastern Law Student Association.